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Please note this website has not been updated for many years, most of the projects are obsolete at this moment.


Projects - my projects
Ftp - my ftp directory (also accessible via HTTP, mirror at
Old homepage - Copy of my old (and terrible) homepage (, mostly in Czech).

Texts, articles

Articles/Clanky - My articles, all in Czech language
Protected mode - Intel 386+ protected mode tutorial [in Czech]
VGA Documents - Various Video Graphics Array documents
NetWare Loadable Module Programming HOWTO
Filesystems HOWTO - HOWTO about filesystems and accessing filesystems.
ARM Microcontroller Development HOWTO - Document describing development environment for ARM7 Microcontrollers on Linux.


Filesystems - a page about filesystem related projects
BFS - UnixWare Boot filesystem driver for Linux
Simple volumes - Windows NT Stripe set / volume set and OS/2 volumes suport for Linux.
MATTsoft Boot Manager - my boot manager. This program is able to boot many OSes from one DOS/FAT drive, all Unixes which I have and more.
Noadvert.NLM - Noadvert.NLM proxy server redirector w/ URL blocking and some other features (very good to block ad banners)
Appindex browser - Freshmeat offline ncurses-based browser.
NLM Development Under Linux - How to develop Novell NetWare Loadable Modules under Linux, using GNU CC and GNU binutils. NLM-HOWTO, some useful programs and samples.
epsprint - Simple epson dot matrix printer filter.
libmd - Message digest library for Unix.
dosfw - Denial-Of-Service firewall for Linux/netfilter
ISAprobe - Program which detects some ISA cards.
dbxrecover - Outlook express DBX recovery program for Unix.
mscompress - Unix tools to (de)compress files compressed by Microsoft's compress.exe utility.
mcvert - Macintosh file converter for Unix
IDE diag - IDE interface diagnostic utility (displays information about your ATA/ATAPI devices).
Computer Science: Famous people - List of links
Patches - Some of my patches
PNG GEN - very small and simple application which demonstrates how to crate PNG files
KW 1281 protocol
Electronic Bank Statements converter
phpDNS Zone Editor
Video files (AVI) checker/analyzer
Formbase: terminal (text mode) database user interace
Hacking Western Digital My Book World Edition
API commander - scripting tool for Win32 gui applications


Jemny uvod do fraktalu [CZECH] - Text pojednavajici vseobecne o fraktalech.

The Hacker Crackdown - famous book about the electronic frontier of the 1990s by Bruce Sterling. English and Czech version.


Inside Philips Fizz - Some photos of inwards of Philips Fizz.
Bosch 909 - Bosch 909 secret codes

My bookmarks