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"Yet another IDE Diag utility"

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[HDD image] IDE Diag is a small DOS utility which displays detailed information about your IDE devices (Hard drives, CD-ROMs, ZIP drives, Tapes, ...). There are dozens of such programs, so where's the difference?

Source code

If you want to receive the source code of IDE Diag program, send me an e-mail with contact information (Full name, address, phone) and how do you want to use it. Please read the license before applying for the source code.

After receiving dozens of requests for sources, I decided to make it "CardWare". In order to get the source of IDE Diag, you have to send me also a postcard from your city in addition to e-mail request. Address is: Martin Hinner, SECONS Ltd., Cs armady 9, Prague 6, CZ-160 00, Czech Republic

If you already have your own username/password, please follow this link.



IDE controllers

Other devices

Other "IDE Diag" utilities

If you know any other IDE-diag like utility, let me know please.

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