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by Martin Hinner

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This was Freshmeat offline ncurses-based browser. Unfortunately it doesn't work at the moment, because freshmeat is no longer exporting their database in format that is readable by this program. But you can still use it to browse LSM files and old freshmeat databases.

The program uses appindex.db which is available at Latest version supports searching, configurable "user interface" :), transparent appindex.db download, {b|g}zipped appindex database to save disk space and many other things. This program should compile on any unix-alike system with curses library.

What is appindex.db?

Appindex.db is a database containing information about applications. Older versions of appindex browser used appindex.txt file. It is obsolete now, please do not use it with the this program. The Appindex.db file is generated daily at 7:13am MET-1DST and you can download it from the directory.


Source code is available at (It is also at sunsite in /pub/Linux/apps/misc/ directory and it's mirrors.) Source tarballs are named appindex-$(MAJOR)-$(MINOR).tar.bz2, the others are binaries! Extract the downloaded archive and run ./configure; make all; make install; fetchappindex; appindex. If you will have any problems with compiling or installing, don't hesitate to write me.

Appindex browser is available also as RPM and Debian package. The RPM package is downloadable from It was compiled on RedHat 6, so you will need glibc2. The Debian package was made by Peter Kelemen and you can download it from

Some pre-compiled binaries are available at Solaris/SPARC binary archive is at (maintained by Mike).

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Written by Martin Hinner, <mhi(at)penguin(dot)cz>.
Last updated in December 2004.
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