NT and OS/2 Volumes support for Linux

by Martin Hinner

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This Linux kernel driver allows you to mount Windows NT stripe sets, Windows NT volumes and OS/2 Warpserver 5 volumes on Linux. This is the first public version, so it very buggy. Please report bugs and useful ideas/comments to mhi@penguin.cz.


- Extract the tarball (bzip2 -dc vol-0.1.tar.bz2 |tar xvf -)
- Patch Linux kernel (patch -p0 <linux-kernel-2.3.18.patch from
- recompile kernel (make [b]zImage)
- compile vol module and volset program (make all)
- install volset(8) program (make install)
- Make devices (/dev/vol{n}, major=241, minor=n). You can use 'make dev'.
- Boot new kernel and load vol module (insmod vol.o)
- Read volset(8) manual page
- Try whether it works (set up vol device(s) and try to mount it
  in read-only mode).


 NT Stripe-set with parity
 HD geometry support (any ideas?)
 Register MAJOR device number for vol


 This driver doesn't work with floppy device(s). LVM too ;-)
 Do not write anything to vol devices, R/W support DOESN'T work correctly.

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Copyright (c) 1999 Martin Hinner, mhi@penguin.cz