NLM development under Linux

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This project is in very early stages of development and a lot of things might be
incomplete, confusing or disfunctional, so don't follow it too blindly :-). I take no
responsibility for any damages incurred from the use of the information contained herein.


NLMs, or NetWare Loadable Modules, are programs for Novell NetWare operating systems. When NLM is loaded, it becomes a part of the NetWare kernel. This pages should help you with NLM development under Linux.

NLM Programming HOWTO

This document describes how to start NLM development under Linux, using gcc and nlmconv from binutils.

NLM Development kit for Linux

The nlm-kit package contains some necessary files for NLM development under Linux: import files, nlmimp, prelude and replacement include files. It is covered by the GNU general public license.

NLM samples

Package nlm-samples contains my NLM sample code. If you are new to NLM development, you should download and read it.


If you want to translate this HOWTO please let me know so as I can keep track of what languages it has been published in. I've found Dutch translation at (who is the author??).

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