IDE Diag documentation

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Copyright (c) 2000 Martin Hinner, <>

Unfortunately this documentation
is not yet finished, but it's
probably better than nothing ;-)

hdd image

Table of contents

What is IDE Diag, who can use it and why did I write it.
Brief history of HDD controllers
Precursors to IDE (ST-506/412, ESDI, MFM, ...). SCSI and IDE interface, IDE bus versions (XT IDE, MCA IDE, ATA).
IDE cables
Pin-outs of IDE cables
Using IDE Diag
How to use this program.
General disk information
Drive size, vendor, model, revision, configuration and access modes.
Hard disk geometry
What is a disk geometry, disk size limitations.
Introductiont to "Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology", using IDE Diag to show some useful information.
Disk verification
How does the IDE Diag media verification work.
WDC Files
Western Digital drives internal disk structures.