In SCSI world, every SCSI controller has built-in ROM BIOS with diagnostic routines (e.g. SCSI Select by Adaptec) or a special bootable floppy disk with such program. Let's have a look at low-cost IDE controllers. Only few cards have a ROM BIOS or utility disk. Unfortunately, there is no special utility which can do the same as SCSI Diagnostic utilities do. You can use special vendor-specific utility, which will not work with other IDE controller or device, or you can use one of dozens of freeware/shareware utilities. These utilities often can't do more than display information about your hard drives.

Please note that this program is provided "AS IS", without any warranty or guarrantee of any kind, either expressed or implied. Before running the program, it is recommended that users back up all data. This program doesn't overwrite any data on the drives and shouldn't result in data loss, but the regular backing up of your data is always good idea.

The "WDC Files" operation is currently disabled in this version of IDE Diag. If you want to experiment with this feature, please contact the author for further information.