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The SEOlizer is a GPL application that generates web pages of analysis, from webserver log files (Apache, etc). The seolizer is based on the webalizer code. Have a look at example of seolizer output!

Please note that the code is one-night hack, from my point of view it's a very very poor quality! It is not recommended to run seolizer on a production server. I have published the seolizer to get some feedback from SEO community. Stable version will be available in several months, after I make clear decision how to implement all required features. Your feedback is appreciated !

Compile seolizer by running make all -C src. Then you can run it using ./seolizer [logfile]. Output will be placed in the current directory.

Known bugs

Future plans

I plan to fix known bugs and implement the above stuff for my own purposes. If you want anything else, for example what is listed below (and what I consider to be useful for SEO purposes), please send me an e-mail.

SEOlizer functions

About SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) as a subset of search engine marketing seeks to improve the number and quality of visitors to a web site from "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. The quality of visitor traffic can be measured by how often a visitor using a specific keyword leads to a desired conversion action, such as making a purchase or requesting further information. In effect, SEO is marketing by appealing first to machine algorithms to increase search engine relevance and secondly to human visitors.


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