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Subject: DRIVER: Mony 1.21 MDA mono display driver
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Date: 29 May 1996 20:57:10 GMT
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 Driver Support Series    Monochrome Display Driver for Programmers
 Mony v1.21


                 The Monochrome Display Driver for OS/2
                Application and Device Driver Programmers
                              1 June 1996

MONY.SYS is an MDA device driver for OS/2 to support the use of a second
monitor concurrently. The hardware types supported are MDA, MGA, MGP, and

Mony is designed for the OS/2 programmer, both application level programmer
and device driver programmer. The MDA video BIOS (INT10) functions are
supported by the Mony emulator, with a few extensions added for ease of use.
For example, WriteString is supported, as is ReadBlock and WriteBlock. Also,
up to 8 video pages can be used, and switched to and from instantly. This, is
not calling the ROM BIOS, but is emulating those functions in PDD code.

An included desktop applet, MonyPage, may be used to switch the display to any
video page, instantly. An available app, AWACS, may be used to monitor
systems state, including swap stats, memory stats, working set, pulse, caller
ID, and more. MONY.SYS, the installable device driver, is under 4KB, and uses
from 8KB to 36KB of memory, depending on number of video pages you want.

The programming interface is DosDevIOCtl calls, but an easy-to-use API, source
included (and now an EMX-sourced version, too) is provided that simplifies use
of all the functions. For example, WriteString is:

 ULONG MonyWriteString (HFILE monyID, PSZ strgPtr,
                       UCHAR page, UCHAR attr, UCHAR row, UCHAR col);

A demonstration program, with source, is included which covers just about all
the calls available for the application programmer. For device driver
programmers, a brief tutorial on how to access Mony from physical device
drivers is located at the start of the mony_api.c file. Everything you need
to evaluate Mony is included. Continued use beyond a short evaluation time
requires payment of less than $15- for the individual in a non-corporate
environment. A corporate (site) license, required for any business use, costs
more. The driver, MONY.SYS, may -not- be redistributed. See the license
agreement in the !ORDER.FRM file for details before ordering.

Ordering instructions are included in the !ORDER.FRM file, or send your vitals
and payment to:  Cornel Huth/6402 Ingram Rd/San Antonio, TX 78238/USA.


Current versions of MONY (filename, where xxx is the
version number, as in can be found at:

Internet FTP:
               /os2/drivers     (or incoming/ or new/)

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