MyBook World Edition Alternative Packages

I have created several packages for your MyBook. These packages will improve your MyBook functionality.


Log in to your MyBook via ssh and run this command to install package (replace PKG with package name, e.g. "boa"):

wget -q -O - | tar xzvf - -C /

This command will download tarball from my ftp site and install it on your mybook.

Please note that you will have to create startup scripts for each program if necessary and edit configuration files by hand!

Package list

boa: Boa webserver (configuration is in /etc/boa/boa.conf)

haserl: haserl CGI interpreter

vsftpd: vsftpd ftp server (configuration is in /etc/vsftpd.conf)

According to GNU General Public License I have to provide source code for all binary files. You can freely download the source from relevant web-pages. However, in order to meet the GPL requirements, I will send you the source code on CD-ROM for my expenses.