MyBook World Edition: Using built-in lighttpd to serve webpages

I've got this e-mail from Joe Morris:

Hi Martin:

Thanks for your great tips. I just bought a 1TB MyBook and tried your
ssh hack and it worked. I notice you provide packages for installing a
web server (boa). I thought you could also provide people with an
alternative, using what is already installed on the MyBook. Some folks
will prefer boa, some might prefer the following:

My "low tech" hack is for setting up httpd access via the existing web
server that the MyBook uses:

1) Create soft-links in /usr/www/lib to whatever you want to serve up.
For example:
ln -s /shares/internal/PUBLIC /usr/www/lib/

2) If you want to get directory listings, open
/etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf and add:
dir-listing.activate = "enable"

3) Reboot the MyBook

4) Browse to http::/<MyBookName>/PUBLIC and enjoy...

Thanks again for providing your information. I'm looking forward to
hearing about any tricks to get the drives to spin down...

Kind regards,