MATTsoft Boot Manager support

There is no official support for MBMTGR, because it's free software. Hmmm... it's free at least for non-commercial use. If you want a boot manager with tech. support, buy some commercial program. Anyway, if you will have problems with installing this program, you can send e-mail to the mailing list. I try to reply all e-mails, but please remember that I am very busy, so it may take some time :-(.

If you want to use MBTMGR in commercial environment, see license for more information.

Mailing list is mailing list about "Using multiple operating systems on one PC" (preferrably with MBTMGR ;-). I also post MBTMGR announcements to this mailing list, so it's recommended to join mailing list now! You can read here some interresting ideas and share your knowledge with other users ;-) Send e-mail to with text (IN BODY!) "subscribe OS" (without quotes).

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