MATTsoft Boot Manager download

You can freely download non-commercial version of this program from my FTP site, All files are compressed with MS-DOS version of PKZIP and you should be able to decompress them using pkunzip, unzip or winzip. Please note that latest version is on the top of following table :-)

Version Download News/description/bugs/features
1.19g DOS zip file
Windows 9x/NT version
  • Some bugfixes
1.19f DOS zip file
Windows 9x/NT version
  • INT 24 handler
  • User-kernels dialog bug fixed
1.19e DOS zip file
Windows 9x/NT version
  • Improved ATAPI CD-ROM boot
  • Boot from image file on an ISO9660 CD-ROM
  • Tertiary and quaternary IDE support (ports 0x168, 0x1e8)
1.19d DOS zip file
Windows 9x/NT version
  • ATAPI CD-ROM boot
1.19c DOS zip file
Windows 9x/NT version
  • Windows 95 installation.
  • Partition hiding
  • Mark partition as "active"
  • It works also with UnixWare 2.1 / 7
1.19b DOS zip file
  • English documentation (not finished yet)
  • "Quick install"
1.19a DOS zip file
  • SCO OpenServer disk slice support
  • User kernels visual configurator
  • BootROM support
1.19 DOS zip file
  • Linux device names bug fixed
  • DOS/WIN drive letters bug fixed
1.18j DOS zip file
  • Some minor fixes
  • QNX partition support
1.18i DOS zip file
  • BSD/386 partition support
  • Described BOOT.INI in docs
  • Minor bug fixes

Copyright (c) 1998-2000 Martin Hinner.