MATTsoft Boot Manager - - documentation

2. Installation

Installation is simple and consists of few steps. Download MATTsoft Boot Manager from web ( ) and extract it using pkzipTM or winzipTM on your DOS hard drive (e.g. pkunzip c:\temp\ c:\ /d[enter], MBTMGR directory will be created automatically).

2.1 First step - backup your system files

This is very important if you are installing MATTsoft Boot Manager for the first time. If you will make any mistake you will be able to recover your system. MBTMGR is still in development but seems to be stable and works fine.

2.1.1 Backing up DOS / Win 9x

Insert BLANK floppy disk into A: drive and in DOS command line type FORMAT A: /u /s[enter]. Then copy necessary files to floppy:
Creating boot floppy on Windows 9x / DOS

2.1.2 Backing up OS/2

You should have "OS/2 system diskettes" created during installation or from "OS/2 system". If you haven't them create it now.

2.1.3 Backing up Unix

Under Unix create bootable floppy disk with kernel. For more information see documentation. Do not forget to use rdev(8) program to change root/swap device. For more information see rdev(8) man page (man 8 rdev).
Creating bootable floppy on Linux

2.2 Second step - installing MBTMGR

I am sorry, this chapter is not finished yet.
MBTMGR installation - about screen
MBTMGR installation - main menu

2.3 Third step - Customize MBTMGR

I am sorry, this chapter is not finished yet.
MBTMGR customization

2.4 Third step - FAT MultiLoader

I am sorry, this chapter is not finished yet.

2.4 Last step - Kernel configurator

I am sorry, this chapter is not finished yet.

2.6 Solving a problems

I am sorry, this chapter is not finished yet.

2.7 Recover - if something went wrong

Creating low-level system program like this Boot Manager is always problem - I cannot test every possible configuration and all machines ;-)

2.7.1 Recovering DOS

Boot from DOS diskette created before installation. From DOS prompt type:
A:\> fdisk /mbr                           (this overwrites master boot)
A:\> sys C:                               (and this transfers system to C:)
System transferred.
A:\> [remove floppy from A: and hit ctrl+alt+del]

2.7.2 Recovering OS/2

For more information about recovering OS/2 see manual. Sorry, I'll try to finish this chapter.

2.7.3 Recovering Unix

Boot from Unix diskette which you created before installing MBTMGR. When your Unix box boots up, try to reinstall master boot record and Unix kernel loader.

2.7.4 Reporting a problem

If you find any bug in this program report it please! If you are sure that it's MBTMGR problem send it directly to me via email. If you are not sure and your problem may be caused by something else (e.g. ancient hardware / software ;-) send e-mail to mailing-list At least I will see this message and I will try to solve it.